A. Flora

The Story


Ace Flora De Geist also known as A. Flora De Geist or simply A. Flora, is the incarnation of the muse used to inspire the music.
Whereas the artist is based in France for now, in German "Geist" means "Spirit". As words come from the mind in the first place, and so does the music as far as in the human creation of it, to be called "De Geist" not only informs of the prestigious nature of this muse, but gives also a great indication of the significant part played by the intellect of all sorts of emotions, involved into the manifestation of her music.
This art is an undeniable need, intricated in an inevitable desire that cannot be expressed without instinct, tension or even lose of self in the winding of the jams brought to life in the studio sessions.
A song or two will then flourish out of it, just like a flower well fed by sun and rain.
A. Flora De Geist wears masks on public visuals as an aliby to grant her the possibly to speak directly to the hearts of the most people, without having them being unfocused, as anyone can then easily project their selves onto these figures in order to appropriate fully the music they witness and enjoy.
A. Flora writes from her mind with her heart, keeping in mind the minds and hearts of the listeners.
A. Flora has also been a great admirer of the Carnevale Di Venezia (Venice Carnival) in Italy since a young age, which the masks and outfits worn and used are inspired from and by.
Masks also refer to the personnal masks a person could wear in life depending on the situation they may find themselves in. Sometimes people don't know how to simply be themselves, then they will put on different appearances, or faces, yet again attitudes, to try to fit in a situation where they could think their true selves might not be accepted or ackowledged, to their true worths.
A. Flora wants her songs to talk to, touch and maybe inspire and relieve the most persons possible.The goal and desire to touch the brain as well as the core of the person enjoying the piece of music could not be met without the work of mixing reasons and emotions all as one real expression of the existence implied in this art.
The more we will lose ourselves in the melodies, the freer we will feel to the Music.
Finally, and perhaps mainly, the Ace is the epitome of what comes first, what is undeniable and thus sovereign, and certainly represents the cards we will play our hearts with, in this little game called Life.


The Writing is instictive, the delivery infused with soul, the process is necessary.


Art is a necessity, to surrender to, accomplished when we let our sovereign spirit free.


                                                                                Ace Flora De Geist